Privacy Policy

To ensure that collection and usage of all data held by SportyStars, is transparent and secure and to comply with GDPR regulations, please note the following information.

Online Bookings - SportyStars only collects and records information that is necessary for our registers, it is important that we are able to contact parents in case of an emergency.  We may also store your details to inform you of cancellations, changes in time / dates and upcoming events that may be of interest to you.

Information held by SportyStars when booking on to one of our courses:

  • Childs Name
  • Age
  • Parents Email address
  • Parents Contact number

Information held by SportyStars for marketing purposes:

  • Email address

Information is held on an individual excel spreadsheet, for the appropriate club, as well as our online booking system, Bookwhen. These registers are deleted after the last club has taken place. Any hard copy registers will also be shredded.  We will however use these contact numbers to send a reminder of our next set of clubs before they are deleted.  With your consent your email addresses are held on our SportyStars mailchimp account for email marketing and contact.

Consent forms and disclaimers – We use these for our Bubble Football, Archery Tag and some Nerf Parties. It is vital due to legal reasons, that we keep these on record for 2 years. These forms are kept in a secure, locked cabinet and shredded after 2 years.

Personal information is not shared to any other individual or company.

Data is stored on our mailing list until you opt out, which you can do so at any time.

Individuals have the right to withdraw or restrict their consent for data storage and usage at any time by contacting SportyStars directly.  They have the right to be forgotten.

Individuals also have the right to submit a complaint about data storage and usage by contacting SportyStars directly.

Individuals can request information about what personal details are held at any time, and will receive this information within 1 month of request.  They can also have information updated and corrected.

SportyStars is owned by Danny Lewis.

Contact email:

Contact number: 07514983066